dear Julie

“I don’t think I have the words to adequately describe how happy we are that we chose to work with Julie for our wedding photos. She was kind and responsive from the very beginning, and she was such a joy to be around on our wedding day. She made us feel so comfortable in front of her camera, giving us direction while also leaving space for us to authentically experience the day together. We knew we were going to love our photos, but somehow they still vastly exceeded our expectations. I cried looking through them the first time, and we both audibly gasped at photo after photo. They are all objectively fantastic photos, but what really struck me was how perfectly Julie captured just how happy we were all day long. I would not change a single thing about our experience or our photos. We are so grateful, and cannot recommend Julie enough.”

Stephanie + Matt


“Where do we even begin? The first time we met Julie was the day of our wedding, which was a fusion-Indian wedding with a lot of people and a lot of moving pieces (including Indian elements like a horse and a large Indian family)! We were basically strangers, yet we felt so comfortable with Julie, and the pictures show it. Julie captured the essence of us and our ceremony; she captured so much magic and love between our family and friends, and her photos paid tribute to the cultural details and personal elements of our day. Despite our ceremony being WAY behind timeline, and forcing her to take an unscheduled family photo that included over 65 cousins (!), Julie was gracious, patient and engaged in the festivities. Her talent and passion are apparent in her work, and at the heart of it, she has a gifted eye and takes stunning photos. We couldn’t recommend Julie more!”



“Having Julie photograph our wedding was just so dreamy. Similar to the images she creates, she is light, breezy, a calming presence and, needless to say, she really has her sh*t together! We didn’t meet to discuss details beforehand, but she was able to walk in, pick up the vibe and transfer that vibe to each and every photo that she snapped throughout the day. Drew (my husband) and I both knew that we wanted to invest in a really great photographer with the thought that our family, for generations to come, will have to look at our wedding picture(s) and the investment was 100% well-worth it!! The pictures came back well before we expected them to, and I was so surprised at the level of consideration she took when editing - she seemed to capture everything through the beautiful lens of her inspiring and creative mind!!! We couldn’t have been happier!!!”