Love, from Los Angeles

“During the early stages of our wedding planning, my wife and I were almost settled with not having a professional photographer for our wedding. We were already planning to have a simple wedding and a teatime reception to follow. But mainly, we were feeling the heavy pressure of our tight budget. I’m happy to say that all of this changed when we were introduced to Julie Pepin.

Julie was incredibly kind and very professional from the very beginning. We chatted via email about the details of the wedding. She was always specific and detailed with her information and inquires, which made the entire process very easy! After having chatted with Julie through several emails, my wife and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.

On the day of our wedding, Julie arrived early in the morning, prompt and prepared, to take our “getting ready” photos, which turned out amazing! Around noontime, we continued taking photos with the entire bridal party and even shared lunch together. Julie was an absolute delight! 

Our entire wedding was held at a botanical garden, which Julie was incredibly pro at utilizing all the different plants and trees as natural backdrops for our photos. Our entire time with Julie felt so natural and pleasant. It especially made our more intimate photo shoots (i.e. bride and groom gazing at each other’s eyes) very fun and comfortable to do. Julie was always active during the wedding. She never once shied away from taking photos that she needed for us.

It didn’t take long for us to receive our photos. They say a couple’s wedding day happens like a blur to them, which was very true for us. Thankfully, we had Julie to capture all the many moments that seem to have passed us by so quickly! It was a truly special for my wife and I to be able to look through our pictures together. Julie captured the very essence of our big day, and thanks to her we will always have that with us. Thank you, Julie! You are a blessing to us.” – K+D


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