Iceland Part 1 – The Snaefellsnes Peninsula

 These photos are from our first few days of driving around remote and windswept Western Iceland. We stayed at an amazing place, Hotel Budir, which is located on a craggy, mossy inlet next to an elf-infested lava field. It was really great to feel like we were the only two people around with other humans few and far between : ) Some of the highlights were: drinking the healing water that bubbled up from the ground at Olkelda Farm, feeling the energy from the glacier Snaefellsjokull (one of the 7 energy centers in the world and the setting for Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’), the fishing villages of Arnarsatapi and Stykkisholmur, all of the Icelandic horses, breakfast in Borgarnes, and climbing up the sacred mountain Helgafell. And even if you don’t believe in elves, energy centers, healing waters, or walking up sacred mountains to make wishes … it’s still a pretty spectacular place to be <3

These photos were taken with my Holga, Olympus Stylus, iPhone, and Canon AE-1.



To be continued …

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