David Lynch Interview Project

Today the last episode of Interview Project went live. Working on this project was completely amazing and one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you so much to the team that brought me along for the ride. *Muah* Here is to the open road, 121 amazing individuals, and the Cracker Barrel — cause their veggie sides are bliss on the side of the highway.

20,000 miles. 70 days on the road. 121 amazing people.

Sometime along the way, this article was published in ‘The Big Picture Magazine‘ with some of the photos I took accompanying it.

And here is a ‘Newsweek’ article on the project. If you squint your eyes real good you can see my photo credit on the side next to the red ‘worth it’ badge at the bottom. It’s Newsweek people! I don’t care how small my name is … that’s awesome!

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